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An Engineering Service Solutions Company that offers technically innovative solutions to forward looking businesses.


Donos Engineering Limited


We provide our clients with an option of a global strategic partnership for effective service delivery, utilizing current technological best practices.

In conjunction with our technical partners, we are positioned to facilitate and provide the following types of services to Government and Private Institutions

Our Electricity Smart Metering Solution which is cost effective and highly efficient is engineered and manufactured in Poland by our technical partners who have been in the business of engineering metering solutions for 9 decades. Our electricity meters are fully electronic, long-term stable and designed for simple and secure data reading – manual, automatic and fully automatic.

  • Electricity Smart Metering Solutions
  • Smart Grid Technology for Monitoring Electricity Distribution
  • Automation Monitoring for Oil and Gas Distribution Systems
  • Techinode System for Water and Wastewater Systems
  • Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Consulting

Our Smart Meters are precise, of high quality, flexible, tamper proof, by-passing proof and long-lasting.

The Smart Meter does much more than measure energy consumption; it is a key element that will assure the Electricity Distribution Companies the possibility of exploiting the full potential of the Smart Grid Electricity Distribution


  • Electricity Smart Metering Solutions
  • Smart Grid Technology for Monitoring Electricity Distribution
  • Automation Monitoring for Oil and Gas Distribution Systems
  • Techinode System for Water and Wastewater Systems
  • Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Consulting

The focus is on design, financing and building of complete value chains within aquaculture and agribusiness industry.

We enable industrial and sustainable development that catalyses the creation of a competitive labour force, especially targeting emerging African markets.


  • The full range of the aquaculture proposition includes;
  • Fingerlings & Juveniles,
  • Hatchery, Breeding,
  • Control & management system,
  • Fish farm technology,
  • Fish processing plant,
  • Added value,
  • Processing and Training & Research.

Technical Vocational Education & Training

We have developed/designed comprehensive range of services promoting an innovatively dynamic approach for skills development in specialised and basic skills fields.

Along with our international technical partners in the vocational skills acquisition sector, we work with Government and Private Institutions for youth empowerment, establishment and management of skills-acquisition training centres.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is viewed internationally as an effective and efficient tool for empowerment – enabling youths and adults to escape the trap of poverty, as well as contributing to the economic and social wellbeing of their respective communities. Education (and in particular TVET) holds the key to poverty alleviation and economic expansion for developing economies. It responds to the demand for skills and competencies of the labour market to create a competent, motivated and adaptable workforce capable of driving socio-economic growth and development.

In order to address the root cause of unemployment and despair that lead to youth restiveness, extremism and other social vices, it is pertinent that government at all levels put adequate measures in the development of Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

We believe that government’s focus on youth empowerment for job creation, economic sustainability and creation of an industrial workforce for infrastructural development will be achieved by establishing a bespoke Vocational Skills Development Centre(s) in Nigeria. The establishment of a world class Vocational Training Institute with centres in each senatorial district or local government areas of the state to develop the skills of the youths to international standards is key to industrialization and to achieving the state government’s skills acquisition initiative.

Also, there is an urgent need for the state government to concentrate more on institutionalizing vocational skills acquisition due to the fact that the competition for highly skilled and trained personnel in certain technical and vocational fields is becoming fierce with foreigners equipped with those skills from Asia, Eastern and West Europe and America taking up employment opportunities in Nigeria.

We can deploy our expertise to assist Government/Private sector to:

  1. Provide a bespoke strategy for establishing top-notch Skills Development Training Institutes to deliver internationally certified training that will be industry-driven and will enable youths work anywhere in Nigeria and within the African region.
  2. Provide well-tailored strategies to upgrade present facilities through: auditing of training centres, carry out training needs analysis (TNA), develop an industry-oriented training curriculum, organise train-the-trainers, provide turnkey training equipment and standardise certification; with the aim of providing skilled workers ranking with the best within the region.
  3. We can also work with Nigeria Government to develop a demand driven partnership with the industrial sector for the establishment of training centres that will focus on relevant skills development peculiar to the state.
  4. We can also assist the state government to develop an employment strategy that will assist in providing job opportunities for graduates of the training centres while complementing the state government’s initiative in increasing employable skills in the state.


In partnership with our international technical partners and vocational institutions in Germany and United Kingdom, we are indeed desirous of placing at your disposal our competence and effective service in achieving the objective of establishing a bespoke Skills Development Training Centre which will subsequently provide an industry-driven work force in Nigeria which will enhance the employment, transformation and infrastructural development agenda of the State Government.


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